About me

Come from a simple family, a name I’m Laura Sabrina. Moment this I 20 years old and was undergo studied at the University of Prima Indonesia, Medan.


My name is Laura Sabrina. I’m a child second from 3 brothers. I have one brother named Robby Wijaya and also one sister women named Clara Sabrina. I was born in Medan, Indonesia on August 17, 1999, right on the day of Indonesian independence. I’m graduated from Sutomo 1 High School and when this is being studied at Universitas Prima Indonesia, Medan. I took Bachelor of Economics major there.


I work while college. Work I can say enough interesting because very far from department My lecture takes. If the average child department economy works as an admin in an office, I precisely work as an Internet Marketing. Every day, I only work at home. I do not have entry hours office and return time office because I can say it as a freelance however with payment high. The medium company hires I when this is SBOBET – Indosbobet178.

a little information about company me, SBOBET – Indosbobet178 is a child company from SBOBET, which is company biggest online gambling in Asia. So can say it I am an employee from a company that, however not is nature contract. I only become an Internet Marketing that has a task to promoting the company they to circles broad. So work I this can say bother easy. Why do I choose for work like this? Because of small I Indeed already like it all something related to the digital world.


Since small, me very happy with the digital world. I don’t know it’s cellphones, computers, or other media. I am also very active in social media and understanding all something related to Internet Marketing. I understand How way advertises product via the internet, so I trusted for work in a company that is. I enough understand about Search Engine Optimization or SEO and also understand How the way writes SEO Friendly articles.

I already have worked as Internet Marketing at the SBOBET company – Indosbobet178 since 2015. So less more it’s been 4 years I work in a company this. However, I not ever enter to office, because task I not there is a relationship with the office. Do not wonder if you always meet I was outside during working hours. This is things that make me very happy will work this. Moreover, I paid for with enough salary fantastic, so I can college with money I alone and even give away money to both parents me.

Maybe that I will I submit to the article About Me This. If there is many who want you to ask questions to me, you can ask it on social media I under yes!